While the mayor is still fighting for changing the regulation of rental suites across the city, the majority of city council seems dead set against easing rules for renting out basement suites in areas of Calgary where basement suites are not legal at this time. And for many Calgary residents, the lack of change in this area is just the way they want it to stay. 

Due to disagreement by the majority of city council, the changes to restrictions on secondary suites have been thoroughly thwarted thus far. All of the council except for the mayor and two aldermen are firmly against the changes and this stance is not likely to change, according to Alderman Druh Farrell. Calgarians should not expect any change in the position on the secondary suite issue…

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While the concept of a condominium for vehicles might seem like something you’d find in a Disney/Pixar movie, this idea has become a reality in the community of Springbank just outside of Calgary. The Dens is more than a luxury storage facility, it is (according to the company) a “condo development, specifically designed for private storage with a club atmosphere”.

This high-end facility is for residents who not only need some extra garage space to store recreational vehicles, luxury cars, seasonal sport vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and more, but also hobbyists who want a space to gather to share their passion for their collections.

The Dens isn’t just all about vehicles though, management encourages anyone who’s looking for a space to set up their…

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