Well, Fall is finally here again, which means getting your house ready for the colder temperatures that will eventually hit. Here's a checlist for your reference, for 7 things to do for your home this Fall:

Caulk windows: sealing your windows will ensure no drafts come in and will keep energy costs down.

Check the exterior for peeling paint: if you do see any chips, touch them up.

Inspect your roof: check for loose/missing shingles; rougher weather can turn this from bad to worse so get them replaced.

Clean out your gutters.

Seal your driveway: check for cracks and seal any you find. With colder temperatures, cracks can get worse and this will help the longevity of your driveway.

Check your fireplace: this is more important if you…

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On Tuesday, our city and its residents were presented with a huge honour. Governor General, David Johnston, came to our city this week to present Calgarians with a commendation of outstanding service, in the wake of our response to the flooding here in June.

Everyone in our city remembers how well we all pulled together to help out after that disastrous flood hit us, but to be recognized on a bigger scale is something really great for our city.

"People across the city raised their voices and asked, 'What can I do to help?'"

"And after the flood waters had receded, there was a renewed faith in the city, a willingness to roll up wet sleeves and plow forward to rebuild a better and stronger Calgary. You have earned, many times over, our pride and…

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Calgary has the best growth in new home prices in Canada, according to new data released by Statistics Canada. The New Housing Price Index has marked a near 6% increase in our city from July of last year. To put that into perspective, that's the biggest price jump we've seen here since the real estate boom in 2007.

Nationally, our country has seen a 1.9 increase from the same time a year ago (so we're doing very well in comparison as well). On a monthly basis, prices increased here by 0.6% , compared to 0.2% across Canada.

Experts say our city is boasting a strong economy right now, and many factors are contributing to the rising demand in residential housing. Either way, it's great news for the real estate market in our city!

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Albertans are being urged to reduce their power use, due to high demand that is putting a lot of pressure on the system. The Alberta Electric Sytem Operator (AESO) issued a plea yesterday, after they were being forced to dip into emergency power reserves. So here's some tips on reducing your power consumption:

• Reduce the use or air conditioning
• Use major appliances only after 7pm
• Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances completely
• Closing blinds/shades during the hottest part of the day

There is still a chance of rolling blackouts to help conserve the energy. Stay tuned to social media or local news channels to be updated on the status of this.

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