Calgary winters bring about a lot of ups and downs in temperatures, which can lead to problems of leaking in some homes. The City of Calgary website says leaks can account for over 10% of the average water used in a home—that's a lot of wasted money too.

Leaky toilets are among the most common sources of water wastage in homes. You can easily check to see if your toilet leaks with these easy steps:

1. Remove the tank lid of your toilet.
2. Drop several drops of food colouring into the toilet tank, wait 20 minutes.
3. Look into the toilet bowl, if the water changes colour, you have a leak.
4. Get your toilet repaired, and you could save $100 with one fixed toilet!

If you want more resources on finding and fixing leaks in the home, check the City of…

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With this brisk winter weather, we're giving our fireplaces more attention, but it's important to give your fireplace some maintenance and care so it can continue working properly.

An article on the Global News Calgary website gives some helpful information on fireplace maintenance:

Just like a furnace, gas fireplaces draw in air from outside and can get dirty or plugged up, releasing dangerous carbon monoxide

“The seal that goes around this glass door is your only defense between you and the carbon monoxide that thing produces, and a lot of people have fireplaces running on thermostats where they don’t even know these things are kicking on and off automatically, and they’re filling their basements full of CO,” explains Bill Luke from Heatsafe…

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