Since last year's flood, water is always a big story in Calgary. With rain in and around our city the past few days, Calgarians are paying close attention to the rivers. 

Regardless of warnings that may or may not be issued, you can still take precautions at home to protect your home from water:

• Ensure your eavestroughs are clear, and downspouts are facing away from your home. 
• Ensure sump pumps are in proper working order.
• Remove any valuable items from your basement.
• Check drains on your street to ensure they are working properly, if not, call 3-1-1 to report.

The City has also developed a mobile app that will keep you informed of water levels, flow rates and alerts pertaining to water and river levels in our city. You can download the app…

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We're lucky in Calgary, that most communities in our city have community associations. Knowing about your community association and where it is located, can offer you a ton of opportunity to get involved in the neighbourhood you live.

What is a community association?
Community associations are neighbourhood-based volunteer organizations providing support, and opportunities in recreation, education and social life. In Calgary, nearly 100 community associations even operate facilities and/or halls.

The Federation of Calgary Communities is a great resource on community associations in our city. According to their website:

Collectively, the community association network is the largest collective volunteer movement in Calgary with more than 20,000…

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May is BBQ Month, and with the weather finally cooperating, it's time to get your patio ready for sun and grilling. Here's some quick tips for cleaning your patio. 

For Wood Patios: 

  • Clean off debris from your deck
  • Inspect for damages: loose boards, nails or rough spots. 
  • Replace boards if necessary
  • Replace or fix protruding nails
  • Smooth/sand out any rough spots (may need to repaint or restain these spots)
  • Use a deck cleaner (available at hardware stores, ask about the best type for your material)
  • Wear protection when using the cleaner, and hose off patio with water after 20 minutes 
For Concrete Patios:   
  • Check for weeds that tend to stick out between the concrete cracks
  • Sweep the patio with a stiff broom, then scrub…

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