Popularly known as Canada’s sunshine capital, Calgary is also becoming known as the “heart of the New West”. With its warm Chinook winds even in the winters, living in Calgary is really one of the best things you can do and here’s all the more reason why you should:

Calgary is economically strong. In fact, Calgary was named as the “epicenter of Canada’s economy” and that is after being number one on economic performance. Calgary is home to a diverse array of industries which includes sectors in energy, technology, manufacturing, finance, film, transportation, and the creative industry.

It’s easy to save in Calgary. And that’s because of the fact that the city has no provincial sales tax allowing you to save more than anywhere else.

It’s one…

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The housing market has fallen from the current recession and a lot of professionals, especially young ones, are still hesitant to buy a home. The question still lingers: is it better to buy or is it more practical to rent? There comes a point when you think about all the money you have to pay to your landlord and you think about whether or not the accumulated rent would have been enough to buy you a home. On the other hand, the overall home buying process is no easy and simple task. Owning a home entails a lot of legal, financial, and personal obligations that varies from person to person. If you're undecided whether to buy or to simply keep on renting, the following things might help you make up your mind.

Consider the housing market

You've heard…

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Living in a Calgary golf community has a lot of bonuses aside from your beautiful house. Being the largest city in Alberta with population of over 1.2 million, a lot of real estate communities are established in Calgary with different target markets. When talking about peace and recreation, the best residential place to live in is in a golf community. Numbered below are some of the advantages of living in a Golf Neighbourhood:

  1. Beautifully maintained park-like sceneries

    Golf courses require well maintained lawns. Being able to wake up facing a refreshing lush green scenery is one of the reasons why a lot of families choose to live in a golf community. There are more trees and grass compared to other subdivisions which make the ambiance of your…

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The task of buying your perfect home with ease can be marred without any help from real estate professionals. If you are able to find a good realtor though, the entire process of home buying can be convenient, hassle-free, and even enjoyable for you. In fact, good real estate agents in Calgary are not really hard to find. But it's also true that you might bump into average ones or worst, bad ones.

 So how do you actually find real estate agents in Calgary that are not just good but are reliable and credible too? Read more on the following tips to find out.

Get recommendations from people you trust

One of the first things that you should do when you're looking for a realtor in Calgary is to ask your trusted sphere of influence. Reputation has…

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Topping the charts as the #1 best place to live in Canada, it’s no wonder that Calgary is a top choice among house buyers. However, choosing from plenty of Northwest Calgary homes for sale or the greater area of Calgary can be tough. There are always the matter of location, house design, and home prices to consider.

But given the price and the place, knowing the most popular housing styles in Calgary will help you find the perfect home with an architectural design you’ll love.

#1. The Modern House Style

Houses with modern architecture only emerged after World War II as a simplified form of existing home styles. Modern homes have been borrowed varieties from international, prairie, and craftsman styles. You will find modern-style architecture in…

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It’s time to shine a little light on the sleepy rural community of Bearspaw, Alberta. This community is a part of Rocky View County and found just Northwest of Calgary and east of Cochrane. If you love a bit of peace and quiet while still having access to great amenities and excellent opportunities for education, then consider searching for Northwest Calgary homes for sale in Bearspaw.

Bearspaw Real Estate Stats

The price range of lots and homes in Bearspaw can range from $1 million to $9 million. Average price is around $1.7 million dollars. Lot sizes vary from each property, but 2 acres are a common sight.

Schools &Education

Bearspaw is part of the Rocky View Schools Division, and thus, has a couple of excellent schools for all ages.

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Preparing your waste for proper disposal is your responsibility as a citizen of Calgary. There are many things you should remember and put on top of your mind to make this task easier and hassle-free.

Calgary uses black carts for a cleaner, safer and efficient way of disposing waste. Use it for normal trash you put in a bag. Set out your carts by 7 A.M. depending on your collection day schedule and no later than 7 P.M. Always make sure that ample space is provided for the truck’s automated arms to work and collect the carts safely.

Maximize the space of your garbage carts. It can fill up to four standard-sized garbage bags. If your cart is full, do not overload it. Instead, you can place excess bags one foot away from your cart. Be sure that it…

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If you are planning to buy a new house somewhere in Alberta, Canada, there are just many things that you should consider. Some of these include the location, the community, the neighbourhood, the price range and many others. There are various subareas you can consider and these are Southeast Calgary, Northwest Calgary, Southwest Calgary, Outer Calgary and others. Among these, Northwest Calgary is one of the most popular for home buyers.

Northwest Calgary is one of the best areas that you can find in the beautiful city of Calgary. This area is popular when it comes to spectacular parks and amazing views. Many people who have visited this part of the city never fail to appreciate the beauty of this community. From the remarkable parks, to the lovely…

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