Whether you're looking to do some spring cleaning or find some treasures for your home, the community of Hidden Valley is having a parade of garage sales this Saturday. Selling or shopping, you're welcome to take part in the event this weekend, without registration. 

The Hidden Valley Community Garage Sale is Saturday, May 23rd from 9 am to 12 pm, here's what you need to know: 


  • No registration is required to take part 
  • Gather your items for sale and setup shop on your front yard or garage
  • The Hidden Valley Community Association will be advertising the sale in both the Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun
  • There will be a number of garage and yard sales, tour the neighbourhood
  • Rumoured some "young…

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A financial area that homebuyers often forget to budget for is closing costs. Whether you're selling or buying Northwest Calgary homes, there will be certain costs associated with the finalization of the transaction that you should be prepared for. This is a brief rundown, and just a guideline, your REALTOR® or mortgage broker can provide you with more exact numbers. 

For Buyers: 

Costs can range from 1.5 to 5% of total purchase price, excluding down payment. For example, a purchase price of $250,000 would yield:

• Inspections: $400-$500

• Mortgage application (could be waived) $200-$400

• Mortgage insurance $2000

• Legal fees $900+

• GST (for new homes only) - varies

• Home and content insurance $450

• Moving and/or storage $500 


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Today the new Alberta Premier, Rachel Notley, confirmed her earlier promise to cancel the PC plan to increase the Mortgage Tax by 6000%. With some uncertainty circling around the new NDP reign in our province, this is good news for the real estate industry already. 

"Families are already worried about their jobs and paying for their mortgage" — Rachel Notley

The former PC government had plans to increase the variable Mortgage Tax and Land Transfer fees from $1 to $6 (per every $5,000 of property value). Those plans also included fixed fees coming to mortgages, land transfers and land title registry services as well. 

Notley's plan to cancel that increase will allow homebuyers to keep hundred of dollars in their pocket, important money during the…

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