Most agree that house staging – preparing a house for sale using cost-effective and non-invasive methods – is part of their selling and buying criteria. The following list of house staging tips:

Clean: Look at your home as though you’re seeing it for the first time. Is every room neat, spotlessly clean, dusted and uncluttered? Steam clean carpets and wax floors. Wash walls, heating and A/C vents and light fixtures. Pay special attention to your bathroom and kitchen - make sure that tile grout is mildew free and baseboards scrubbed. Clean the refrigerator and stove as well as the washer and dryer (inside and out).

De-clutter: Have a yard sale or take old furniture, clothing and knick-knacks to Goodwill. Organize shelves, put away items and purge your…

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Selling your home and planning a move? Thorough planning is the key to an easy move. Experience tells us most moves take 8 to 10 weeks from start to finish, so start early. Here's your 8-week guide:

  • Call for estimates from professional movers
  • Draw a floorplan of your new home. Use decorating charts and a grid to place furniture to scale in each room and decide which furniture to move, and which to dispose of, replace or add.
  • Inventory all possessions. Decide what to move, sell, replace or donate to charity.
  • Complete Canada Post change of address forms, mail to media, stores, organization.
  • Obtain copies of all medical, dental, legal, accounting, and veterinarian records.
  • Make…

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Regardless the community you live in, home security should always be top of mind. You want to protect one of the biggest investments you've made, your home, and the valuables inside. Here are some easy tips for a safer home: 

Change all the locks when you move to a new home

When you move to a new home, or when you lose your keys, be sure to change the locks. You don't want anyone else to have access to your home. 

Don’t leave hidden keys outside your home

While it might seem convenient when you forget your keys, leaving a spare set of keys outside your door is a gift to burglars. Never leave keys under floor mats or under rugs, etc. 

Install exterior security lighting

Most home entrances lack proper lighting. If you’re home entrance is…

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