In common law agency, the agency relationship exists between the client (buyer or seller), and the real estate brokerage (company).  If both parties to a transaction are represented by the same brokerage, the brokerage has a conflict of interest. Designated agency is a departure from traditional common law agency practices that addresses this conflict. In designated agency, the agency relationship exists between the client and a designated agent(s) from a particular brokerage, and not with the brokerage as a whole.  Royal LePage Foothills declared itself as a designated agency brokerage as of September 1, 2009.

Because the agency relationship is between the client and the designated agent(s), designated agency eliminates the conflicts of interest that…

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The three most important factors are your income, debts and down payment. Any one of these can greatly impact the amount of mortgage you qualify for. Lenders are primarily concerned that housing expenses not exceed a certain percentage (28% - 32%) of the homeowner's gross monthly income. Housing expenses include monthly mortgage principal, interest payments, property taxes, condo fees, utilities and homeowner’s insurance.

Below we have listed the most common obstacles to qualifying for Northwest Calgary homes for sale and possible solutions to each.

  • Consolidate your debts by taking out one loan and paying off your bills with the money.
  • Pay off long-term debts by using some of your cash and making a lower…

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We’ve all seen those signs around town and perhaps in our own neighborhood. If you’re thinking about selling your Calgary home in the near future you might be thinking this is a great way to save some money -- but is it really?

While keeping those commission dollars in your pocket instead of a Real Estate Agent's is definitely tempting, not all homeowners are up to the challenge of selling their own home. Even if it’s a straightforward transaction, there is plenty of legal paperwork as well as advertising and marketing challenges to take care of. For most people these three items alone are a deterrent to selling your own home. A home is a financial investment so it makes sense to use a professional Calgary Real Estate Agent.

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