An area home buyers often forget to budget for is closing costs. Whether you're selling or buying real estate in Calgary, there will be certain costs associated with the finalization of the transaction that you should be prepared for. This is a brief rundown, and just a guideline, your REALTOR® or broker can provide you with more exact numbers.

For Buyers:

  • Costs can range from 1.5 to 5% of total purchase price, excluding sown payment. For example, a purchase price of $250,000 would yield:
  • Inspections: $400-$500

  • Mortgage application (could be waived) $200-$400

  • Mortgage insurance $2000

  • Legal fees $900+

  • GST (for new homes only) - varies

  • Home and content insurance $450 

  • Moving and/or storage $500

For Sellers:

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Should you buy a brand new home that you can customize, or choose a resale one that's move-in ready? Both options present advantages, and there is no right answer, it's totally up to the buyer.

Not sure if you should buy a new build or a resale home? The decision isn’t always simple or obvious. That’s because it’s more than a dollars-and-cents debate, it’s a choice between lifestyles. Some people love the clean lines of a modern space while others fall in love with architectural embellishments of older homes. To help you decides answer these six simple questions. [Money Sense]

We've outlined a couple benefits of each:

Buying New

  • Personalized home: with new homes you can choose the colours, fixtures and upgrades such as lighting and…

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May is BBQ Month, and with promise, the weather will return to sunny, favourable conditions soon. Now is the perfect time to get your patio or deck ready for sun and grilling with family and friends!

Here's some quick tips for cleaning your patio:

For Wood Patios:

  • Clean off debris from your deck
  • Inspect for damages: loose boards, nails or rough spots
  • Replace boards if necessary
  • Replace or fix protruding nails
  • Smooth/sand out any rough spots (may need to repaint or restain these spots)
  • Use a deck cleaner (available at hardware stores, ask about the best type for your material)
  • Wear protection when using the cleaner, and hose off patio with water after 20 minutes

For Concrete Patios:

  • Check for weeds that tend to…

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The suburbs are still the number one choice for Calgarians choosing to buy (according to the 2014 City of Calgary census), and if you've never considered living in the suburbs, they have a lot to offer. There are some common misconceptions about living the suburbs that may be holding you back, and we're going to dispell them right now.

  • The suburbs are too far from everything: this couldn't be farther from the truth in Calgary. Calgary's suburb communities are self-sustaining neighbourhoods which all have easy access to major roadways and transportation options. Almost every suburb community in Calgary is within a 20-minute drive to downtown.
  • There's no amenities: again, each suburb community in Calgary is self-sustaining. There are plenty of…

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