The weather is definitely starting to reflect colder fall temperatures, which means you'll likely be using your fireplace more and more. With a fireplace in your home, electrical or wood burning, there presents an added fire hazard in your home. Since this week is Fire Prevention Week, we figured this was a perfect opportunity to share some tips for fireplace maintenance and safety. 

Wood Burning

  • Clean the chimney, creosote and ash can be fire hazards when you go to light it.
  • Replace any broken or deteriorated lining.
  • Keep the fireplace dampener opened when the fireplace is in use, allowing gases and smoke to exit. Keep the dampener closed when the fireplace is not in use. 
  • Ensure fresh air supply is in your home before you light the…

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With the Thanksgiving long weekend already just around the corner, you may be feeling the pinch of feeling unprepared for holiday guests and so on. To save you some time scouring the Internet for hours, here's some quick links to all the Thanksgiving tips and advice you'll need this year. 

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