Homes for Sale in Evanston CalgaryLooking for an affordable home in Calgary?

Calgary has several neighborhoods that are generally considered more affordable compared to others. However, please note that the real estate market is dynamic, and affordability can change over time. That being said, here are some neighborhoods in Calgary that are historically known for being relatively affordable:


Amenities: 12 Acre Community Park with Off-Leash, Ranchlands Community Centre

Average Price Detached Home: $582,597

Situated in Northwest Calgary, Ranchlands is a well established community offering a mix of housing options, including single family homes, duplexes and townhomes. It's location is second to none, being close to Crowfoot Crossing with a host of amenities, as…

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Calgary Real Estate Investment CondosOntario & BC Buyers scooping up investment properties in Calgary.

The days of Alberta losing residents to other provinces are long gone. In the first quarter of 2023, the province saw a net increase of over 31,000 people from other parts of Canada, especially from the provinces of Ontario & BC.

However, people aren't just moving themselves and their loved ones to Alberta — a large percentage of them are moving their money. In the last few years, Calgary has seen a spike in out-of-province homebuyers scooping up investment properties they can rent out, with the motivating factor being comparatively affordable real estate.

Prices in Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria are completely out of reach, not just for homeowners but for investors as well.…

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Calgary swimming pool

Yay!!!! You’ve finally found the home of your dreams. Right?

Before you commit to buying, be sure to consider whether some of your favorite features might be a detriment when it comes time to sell. Some design and architectural elements—such as swimming pools and tile floors—divide home buyers evenly, with half considering them a no-go and the other half absolutely loving them.

While these amenities won’t necessarily be the main factors determining whether or not you buy the home, it’s best to know exactly what you’re getting into. Here’s what to watch out for when buying your dream home, both on the upside and the potential downside.

1. A swimming pool

Living in Alberta where it often feels like Winter for 8 months of the year, don’t…

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Calgary Real Estate Market Conditions

The Bank of Canada (BoC) has continued its aggressive monetary tightening policy with the highest policy interest rate among the G7 countries, currenting sitting at 3.25% as of September 7th.

In turn, Canadian banks have increased their prime rates to 5.45%.  The goal is to tamp down inflation that has been rampaging at a frenetic pace. Many financial institutions and experts are predicting these interest rates may trigger a 2023 recession.

How does this impact Alberta?

Alberta's economy is somewhat insulated from a market downturn. With world energy prices about to potentially increase this winter (if Russia continues its war efforts) then the Alberta government in conjunction with local energy companies are in good shape to cash in.  Our…

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Vacation Homes and Cabins

Do you dream of waking up surrounded by nature, whether that’s opening your eyes to a sea of spruce trees and glistening mountain tops or hearing the gentle waves from the lake washing ashore on the beach below?

Cottage season is just throwing open it’s shutters and for many it reawakens the dream of owning a second home. Prices of recreational properties have sky rocketed in recent years and like the housing market as a whole, there’s a serious shortage of homes available in Canada. Before you turn that dream into a reality, here are some pointers to guide you..

Location, location, location…

Distance is key. It is so tempting when scrolling through MLS to see a beautiful property and stretch the travel time to put it in reach. The reality is…

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Canada Home Ownership 2022 Liberal BudgetThe liberal budget & your new home. 

So you want to buy a new home but it feels like the mountain ahead of you is too steep. House prices keep rising. Interest rates and inflation mean your mortgage now costs more and so does your cost of living. If you’re looking at a new build, add to that lumber prices, aluminum prices and supply chain delays. Enter the Liberal budget with it’s focus on housing. Is relief finally in sight?

Doubling the number of new homes

We constantly hear it’s a sellers market. That’s because there’s a lack of available homes for sale across the country. Basically to catch up with demand the government aims to double the number of new homes being built in the next ten years. The budget put forward a host of new measures. Top…

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Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is booming. 

Market research shows this is a huge growing market in real estate worth tens of billions of dollars and all predictions are that it’s only going to get bigger.

So smart technology offers convenience but that’s just the start of it’s selling points. Younger buyers and renters appear willing to pay more for homes that have smart technology, so the investment could produce real results. Another huge factor is energy savings. Here’s some of the new smart technologies that can help you save money and the planet without breaking the bank.

Smart Thermostats

It’s the biggest contributor to your energy bill. Heating and cooling your home makes up around half of your bill. In Canada where the climate can be…

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Calgary Real Estate 2022

As we head into the New Year, we would all like some certainties, to feel the ground under our feet and know where we are heading.

The rollercoaster of Covid continues to take its toll on every aspect of our lives. The one thing that has grounded so many of us throughout the pandemic is our homes. They’ve become our safe harbour in the storm. With a fourth wave of Covid on us, our homes are more important than ever, and this is one of the factors why Calgary’s housing market is forecast to thrive this year. So, what can we expect?

Prices will rise

Yes, prices are still going up but at a slower pace than 2021. Last year saw Calgary’s real estate market make a big comeback with sales coming close to all-time records. Prices too rebounded and…

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Moving To Calgary Real EstateIt was one of the hottest Election topics.

Housing affordability and how the parties would help Canadians buy a home in the current high market. Many parts of the country have seen skyrocketing house prices which has made home ownership unobtainable.

National House Prices

Across the country the price of an average home has risen by more than 50% in the past 5 years according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. It’s now at $663,500. Covid didn’t slow the pace of rising house prices and even contributed to it. Lockdowns meant people put more emphasis on their homes. Many chose to upgrade and go for more space. Even as the Canadian economy recovers, spending on housing continues to be a priority. Sales and prices are rising faster than the…

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Calgary Commute Electric Bikes

The Fast Track to Suburbia?

It’s been a worldwide trend. Calgary like other cities across the world has seen more and more of its population moving to the suburbs and choosing space over proximity to the office. Calgary’s latest assessment figures show property values have increased by more than 10% in some parts of the suburbs. So far that move seems here to stay.

There’s another trend that’s been quietly taking the world by storm that can make the suburbs even more accessible and affordable. Electric Bikes sales have been on the rise worldwide. Deloitte recently predicted there would be around 300 million e-bikes in circulation worldwide by 2023. Calgary is keeping pace. Bow Cycle’s electric bike store saw sales exponentially boom this year, up…

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