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Posted by Kirby Cox on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 4:15pm.

We're all happy spring is finally here again, but as we enjoy the warmer weather, that also means increased precipitation as rain hits the forecast. With rainy weather, comes moisture, which you never want inside your home. When excess moisture goes unnoticed in your hoem, mould can form. 

Where does house mould come from? 

The reproduction of mould occurs through tiny spores, that are present in outdoor and indoor air. The growth of mould indoors occurs when mould spores land on wet surfaces.

Can mould cause damage to my air quality and health?

Moulds can potentially be harmful to humans. moulds produce allergens, irritants and in rare cases, toxic substances. Depending on the sensitivity of the person, and the allergies they may have, mould and mould spores can cause a reaction.

What do I do if I have mould in my home?

If your home has mould present indoors, contact a professional to deal with the issue. Although there may be home remedies and do-it-yourself solutions out there, when you are dealing with an issue that can spread, you want to ensure you completely remove the problem. If you do not fix the problem accurately, chances are the mould will return.

How do I prevent mould from forming in my home?

Mould growth indoors can be prevented by controlling the amount of moisture in your home. The mould will grow as a result of a water problem. Here are some tips to preventing indoor mould growth:

• When you notice a water leak or spill, act quickly. If damp areas are dried within 24-48 hours, likely mould will not form.

• Clean and repair your gutters regularly.

• Keep indoor humidity levels low; relative humidity should be below 60 per cent. You can measure the level of humidity in your home with a moisture or humidity metre. Tip: condensation on windows can be a sign of high humidity.

• Make sure the fan in your bathroom is on when showering.

• Use exhaust fans or open windows when cooking or dishwashing.

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