Ford Founder's Home Offered for $29M?

Posted by Kirby Cox on Monday, April 27th, 2015 at 8:40pm.

Canada is filled with numerous multi-million dollar acreages. One of them is built and was pre-owned by the famous Henry Ford – yes, the man who founded the Ford Motor Company. His family later on decided to sell the property. It was originally offered in the market for a whopping $38M. But now, it is offered for a lower price – approximately $29M.

What sets this property apart?

The property was once considered as the most expensive house in Canada for a number of reasons.

  • It sits in a 242-acre lot.

Let us do some basic math. An acre is almost equivalent to the size of a football field. Therefore, the land area alone is approximately equal to 242 football fields or 3,870 tennis courts. Look at the image below. The whole area is part of the property.

  • The property has 2 separate mansions.

If you have a 240-acre land, what would you do? As for the late Henry Ford, he chose to have two 3-bedroom, 5-bathroom mansions. The two mansions are equally impressive and  

(First mansion) 

(Second Mansion)

Here’s the interior of one of the two mansions:


(Living Room)


(Living Room – another view)




(Personal Sauna)


(Another Bedroom)


  • It is essentially a waterfront estate.

There are several lakes located around the property. The homes were built around these lakes (See the photos below). This strategy effectively raised the value of the property. Waterfront properties in Canada are rare. It is also the reason why they are highly in demand and its price is continually on the rise.


(The magnificent lake view of the property)

Imagine having a barbecue party in this patio. Indeed, the mountains, along with the lake, and the lush surroundings will make you feel more relaxed.


(A view from the other side of the Lake)

  • It offers one-of-a-kind architectural wonders

  • Million dollar millworks

You can notice that the motif of the property is centered on the millworks. The millworks are intricately designed, well-crafted and carefully placed all throughout the property. Ford spent millions of dollars solely on this. Want to know the result? See the sample images below.

  • Covered Wooden Bridge 

This is considered as one of Alberta’s only covered bridge. The covered bridge’s primary purpose is to keep the snow away from falling into the “bridge” itself.

  • The B/A Gas Station


This is a replica of the old B/A gas station. There is rough road, vintage B/A pump, and a restored 1950s Coca-cola button sign. During the 20th century, both Ford motors and a British-American gas station played an important role in the automobile industry. Feeling nostalgic yet?

  • The Barn


The horse barn has the same style and material like the B/A Gas station. The grazing area is located just a few feet away from the barn (left side of the photo).

  • Amenities

There are several amenities that can be found on this property. These are:

  • The vintage wine cellar


This vintage wine cellar can store hundreds of wines. The center of attraction in this room is the “Champagne and Caviar” painting by Guy Buffet.

  • The Fitness Room


  • The Detached Triple Garage


There are still more than meets the eye in this historic property. Remember, we are not solely paying for the property itself. We are paying for the spectacular views, extreme privacy, the security, and the prestige that it offers. Is $29M worth it? Yes, definitely. Here’s a macro view of the property in case you missed it. This Historic Mansion can be found at 254002 HWY 22, RURAL FOOTHILLS M.D. 


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