What To Look For At A Home Showing

Showing a Home in Calgary

So I'm in the house...what should I look for?

When you're searching for your next Calgary home, try not to let your emotions lead you - look at Calgary homes for sale on a practical level and consider, what do you really need?

Look at all the elements that are important for you and your family:

  • Are there enough bedrooms or bathrooms?
  • Is the house the right size?
  • Is there enough storage space?
  • Is it in the right location?
  • Is it close to schools?
  • Is the house in good repair?
  • Does it fit your needs?

You may walk into a Calgary home and fall head over heels in love with it. But is it because it's beautifully decorated and furnished...and it shows like something out of a magazine? Remember, you're not buying the furniture...when the owners move out, the furniture goes with them. The home may have 3 bedrooms...but you need 4. Maybe it has a swimming pool that you don't want to have to maintain. The home is on a main road and you have small children. You have a big dog and the condominium doesn't allow pets.

Make up a checklist of your new home wants and needs; make sure that you decide on a home that has all the features that you NEED. While it's important to hold out for the right house that will have all the features that you need to have, it's also important to not be too picky about extra features that would be nice to have but that you don't necessarily need. Think of those elements as just the cherry on top.

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