Airdire is a small city in Alberta located at the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor. It is also a part of Calgary region and is just a few miles north of Calgary International Airport. Its local economy rely on local and regional retail, professional services, and construction and manufacturing industries. It is one of the most sought-after cities in Alberta because of its location. Airdrie was known for being a “bedroom community” because of its proximity to Calgary.

What is a Bedroom Community?

“Bedroom community” is a term used to describe a residential area where majority of the residents work or perform somewhere else. This means that the occupations, schools, or businesses of most residents of Airdrie are located outside their locale.

3 Factors That Prove Airdrie is No Longer a Bedroom Community:


According to the 2014 census, the population of Airdrie increased by 10.76%. Because of this, it is now considered as one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. For the past 10 years, Airdrie increased its population by more than 100% – from having only 25,606 people in 2004, its population became 54,891 in 2014.

Because of its location, Airdrie became the home of the majority of the working class in Calgary. Airdrie greatly benefited on the growth of Calgary region because of the massive opportunities that its residents can easily get hold of. (Source: City of Airdrie)

Entrepreneurial Community Growth

In 2014, it was said that there are about 314 home-based businesses and 83 new commercial/industrial businesses that will open in Airdrie. It was also said on the website of the City of Airdrie that 474 new full and part time jobs will be offered that same year. Having more business establishments provides more employment opportunities for Airdrie residents. This means that the residents of Airdrie have more employment options within the city and that they do not solely rely on employment outside the city.

Rise of In-City Developments

One factor that makes a certain area a bedroom community is that most of its residents usually do certain activities outside the locality of their residences. But now, Airdrie offers a wide variety of recreational options not just for its residents, but also for the tourists. There are several spots that are being developed. Some of them include:

  • The Strip Mall
  • The Canadian Brewhouse
  • Wingate Hotel

Aside from these commercial developments, the City Council also plans to develop projects for parks and other structure plans for neighbourhoods and public roads.

Airdrie Real Estate

Aside from the factors mentioned above, Airdrie’s real estate market also continues to rise because of the overall potential of the city. Last year, it was considered as one of the top communities in Alberta for real estate investment by Real Estate Investment Network. (Source: REIN)

Airdrie is a very progressive city. The points discussed are just a few of the many factors that prove that the city is finally standing on its own – without totally relying on neighbouring communities.

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