Getting involved in your community

Posted by Kirby Cox on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 2:52pm.

We're lucky in Calgary, that most communities in our city have community associations. Knowing about your community association and where it is located, can offer you a ton of opportunity to get involved in the neighbourhood you live.

What is a community association?

Community associations are neighbourhood-based volunteer organizations providing support, and opportunities in recreation, education and social life. In Calgary, nearly 100 community associations even operate facilities and/or halls.

The Federation of Calgary Communities is a great resource on community associations in our city. According to their website:


Collectively, the community association network is the largest collective volunteer movement in Calgary with more than 20,000 volunteers strong!


Annually, over 20,000 community association volunteers contribute 2.4 million hours of public service, which has an equivalent monetary value of over $28 million. These volunteers operate, manage and maintain facilities and amenities with a value of more than $200 million.

If you're not sure about your community association, there's a pretty good online resource on how to find yours here. Or feel free to ask us about your neighbourhood, and whether or not you have a community association. Learn more about Northwest Calgary Real Estate.

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