There has been an influx of calls to the City of Calgary regarding coyote sightings in northwest Calgary, and the City says this is because it is breeding season. 

Officials report that coyotes breed in February and March and their pups are born in April or May with litters of five to seven.

So what do you need to be aware of as a resident of this area?

"The important part for people to be aware of around this is that during mating season they can become more protective of their resources, their mates, and so it's a really important time for us to think about that and keep animals on leash." [CBC]

If you are a dog owner, you want to be more vigilant about keeping your dog close by when you are out in a park, or even if they are in the yard at home. In order to coexist with these coyotes, here is some advice:

  • Pick up your children and small pets if necessary. 
  • Stand still, never run from a coyote or fox. 
  • Make yourself big, wave your arms up and down. 
  • Be loud and assertive: clapping hands, yelling, etc. 
  • Slowly back away.

It is important to note that seeing a coyote in a park is not cause for alarm. They are curious animals and will often watch visitors. [City of Calgary]

Have you spotted a coyote in your area? Tell us where you live, and share your experience with us on social media.

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