Topping the charts as the #1 best place to live in Canada, it’s no wonder that Calgary is a top choice among house buyers. However, choosing from plenty of Northwest Calgary homes for sale or the greater area of Calgary can be tough. There are always the matter of location, house design, and home prices to consider.

But given the price and the place, knowing the most popular housing styles in Calgary will help you find the perfect home with an architectural design you’ll love.

#1. The Modern House Style

Houses with modern architecture only emerged after World War II as a simplified form of existing home styles. Modern homes have been borrowed varieties from international, prairie, and craftsman styles. You will find modern-style architecture in split-level houses, contemporary houses, shed-style houses, and ranch houses.

The most common features of modern-style houses are flat roofs, high ceilings, large or floor-to-ceiling windows and industrial building materials like concrete, glass, and steel. Modern-styled houses are pretty popular because of their striking appearance. If you want the best of modern-style homes in Calgary, Marda Loop and Altadore from the Southwest communities is the best place to look.

#2. The Craftsman-Style Bungalow House

Largely influenced by American architect brothers, Greene and Greene, the craftsman-style bungalow house was inspired by the English Arts and Crafts Movement. The style showcased small homes with a functional and family-friendly design that became widely popular in Calgary as “kit” homes.

The most common features of craftsman-style bungalow houses are stone facades or any other locally sourced materials, cedar clapboards for exterior finishing, low-pitched roofs, large front porches, exposed roof beams as well as naturally colored painted exteriors. Mount Pleasant and Crescent Heights in Northwest Calgary have plenty of craftsman-style bungalow houses.

#3. The Tudor Revival House Style

The Tudor Revival house style is a modern interpretation of the original 16th century architecture in England.

The most common features of the Tudor Revival house style is the borrowed elements of thatched cottages referred sometimes as an English or storybook cottage style, intricate stone works, rounded archways, tall and slender windows, large-scale chimneys, and wood beams with an ornamental pattern. You will find plenty of Tudor Revival-styled houses in the Southern quadrant of Calgary’s Upper Mount Royal.

#4. The Colonial House Style

The term “colonial” is to depict the period during the 1600s when Europeans first lived in America. Colonial homes were European-inspired and include several types of colonial styles like the Colonial Revival, Georgian and Adam Style.

The most common features of the Colonial house style embraces elements from all three types leading to the use of simple, rectangular shape windows, symmetrical faces, brick or wood clapboards sidings, covered porches, and sunrooms. You will find such homes in McKenzie Towne and Garrison Woods.

#5. Prairie House Style

The Prairie house style stands out from all other house styles because it originated in America instead of the typical European influence. Perhaps one of the most unique house styles, prairie-styled houses make use of sweeping horizontal lines to integrate the house into a flat prairie landscape.

The most common features of the Prairie house style are wide, overhanging eaves, small rows of windows, low-pitched roofs, as well as decorative urns. Modern versions of Prairie houses are most commonly found in Elbow Valley.

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