Calgary is one of the most livable cities in the world (source: The Independent. It is also known for having numerous suburban residential neighborhoods that are perfect for families, especially in the Northwest Calgary Real Estate. We are going to discuss 5 of these hilly residential neighborhoods in the northern part of Calgary:

  • Panorama Hills
  • Harvest Hills
  • Country Hills
  • Coventry Hills
  • Huntington Hills

All of these neighborhoods have certain distinctions – from the number of residents and households, to the job opportunities near the neighborhoods, and to their total land area.

Living in the Hills

 Real estate properties located at hilly neighborhoods are more expensive than typical properties because they offer more relaxing views than properties on lower level areas. This is also the reason why people who live in more elevated areas tend to have higher social status. (Source: Aguanomics) The development of hilly neighborhoods are also more expensive considering their location, and the elevation. These five “hill” neighborhood are all elevated. Here are their particular elevation:

  • Country Hills – 1,105m
  • Coventry Hills – 1,080m
  • Harvest Hills – 1,075m
  • Huntington Hills – 1,100m
  • Panorama Hills – 1,115m

Hilly Real Estate

Most of the real estate properties in these hilly neighborhoods are usually single family homes. There are also duplex, apartment and townhomes in these neighborhoods. As mentioned earlier, the prices of homes in a hilly neighborhood are more expensive compared to lower neighborhoods. Here are the average price of homes for each of the 5 neighborhoods:

  • Panorama Hills – $476,78
  • Coventry Hills – $429,154
  • Harvest Hills – $417,850
  • Huntington Hills – $370,895
  • Country Hills – $366,718

Neighborhood Information

Panorama Hills has the largest land area among the five neighborhoods. It has a land area of 6.3 square-kilometers. Harvest Hills has 2.2 square-kilometers; Coventry Hills has 4.1 square-kilometers; Country Hills has 1.9 square-kilometers; and Huntington Hills has 4.8 square-kilometers.

Since Panorama Hills has the largest land area among the 5 neighborhoods, it also has the largest population. Here are the population of each neighborhoods in descending order:

  • Panorama Hills – 25,130
  • Coventry Hills – 16,941
  • Huntington Hills – 13,536
  • Harvest Hills – 7,594
  • Country Hills – 3,787

However, a larger land area does not always mean it has larger population. Take the case of Huntington Hills and Coventry Hills. Coventry Hills has a larger population even though Huntington Hills has a larger land area.

Calgary is generally elevated than most parts of Alberta, so you can expect that there are other hilly neighborhoods in the area aside from these five. Most of the residential properties in the neighborhoods mentioned above are new or recently-built. Although they are considered as suburban neighborhoods, they can easily access Calgary International Airport. These neighborhoods are also just a few minutes away from Downtown Calgary.

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