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While the concept of a condominium for vehicles might seem like something you’d find in a Disney/Pixar movie, this idea has become a reality in the community of Springbank just outside of Calgary. The Dens is more than a luxury storage facility, it is (according to the company) a “condo development, specifically designed for private storage with a club atmosphere”.

This high-end facility is for residents who not only need some extra garage space to store recreational vehicles, luxury cars, seasonal sport vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and more, but also hobbyists who want a space to gather to share their passion for their collections.

The Dens isn’t just all about vehicles though, management encourages anyone who’s looking for a space to set up their

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With gas prices up again, many Calgarians are feeling pretty cranky about that drive to and from work every day. According to Stats Canada, most commuters in Canada take between 45 and 90 minutes a day to get to and from work. This roughly adds up to between 195 and 390 hours spent in the car every year. When you factor in the cost of transportation and the cost of these lost hours, it may become evident that you could be spending time in your day much more pleasantly.

While the following strategies may not work in all situations, it can be well worth trying to find a workable solution to help you save your money and your sanity!

Take public transit or car pool

When you’re not driving, you’re free to do other things. You can do work, or you can

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For anyone concerned about the health of the real estate market in Calgary, the steady increase in sales of single family residences will be welcome news. While the numbers of Calgary home sales have not recovered to the 10 year average rates, experts are optimistic that the local market is continuing to strengthen.

The combination of well-priced homes hitting the market, along with a steady supply of interested buyers has increased home sales by 5% over last year. While the number of sales has been slowly but steadily increasing, home prices have remained fairly stable at reasonable levels that have encouraged potential home buyers to take the plunge.

For homeowners looking for something affordable, there are many Northwest Calgary homes for sale

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calgary-tower_250It seems that most people from outside Alberta know a little bit about Calgary. Perhaps they've heard of the world-famous Stampede, where hundreds of thousands of spectators converge upon the city to witness top-quality rodeo events and an impressive roster of great entertainment. Maybe they recall the city as host of the 1988 Winter Olympics, or are aware of the area's importance as major energy suppliers. But there is a lot more to this modern North American city than maybe meets the eye.

As one of Canada's largest cities, home to over 1 million residents, Calgary is a vibrant and fascinating city offering visitors and locals a vast array of attractions and appealing diversions all year round. Located in Alberta's Grassland region, Calgary is nestled

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One topic guaranteed to get many Calgarian home owners hot under the collar right now, is the controversial matter of secondary suites in residential districts. In recent years there has been something of an increase in the number of home owners converting their basements, and creating rental units. While the basic principal seems okay on the surface - the provision of affordable housing for low income renters, not to mention the useful revenue earned by some struggling property owners - there are those who see this trend as seriously problematic.

Concerns from residents vary. Some are purely practical. A significant increase in immediate population sizes can cause issues of limited vehicle parking, and the potential strain on local amenities that were

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shutterstock_77212465_222As most Albertans know, Calgary pretty much comes to a standstill over the duration of the Stampede. Since the first chuckwagon race kicked up the dust back in 1923 the city has hosted this exciting annual event, which today attracts over one million spectators. Along with the world-famous rodeo, the Stampede also hosts the fabulous opening parade, agricultural show and the midway, which features fairground rides and live concerts featuring big name acts.

But this year, there will be something of an added attraction as the Stampede coincides with the arrival of a rather special couple in Calgary. As part of their first official engagement, Royal newlyweds The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be joining in the fun at Alberta's most thrilling annual

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